Best catering food service in South Delhi

The capital of India is famous for its food and services all over the world. If we look at the places in Delhi, the first place always comes on the top list is Jama masjid famous for street food around the city.

Well, there are a proportion of places in Delhi famous for food and catering services for home distribution and wedding purposes.

Defcol Rasoi is at this idea in this catering field and home delivery for roughly two years since the lockdown was imposed in India. We assist our gratitude to our customers by generous the best palate and catering service in south Delhi.

The menu and items we offer to our customers:

List of menus and items by Def col Rasoi

There are altered items def col Rasoi serves for its customers to home delivery, wedding ceremony purpose, and get-togethers. Separately price of the menu has different rates and prices according to the choices.

Why def-col Rasoi is best in south Delhi?

Rara chicken by def col Rasoi

Def col Rasoi is serving gratitude in this field since the lockdown was imposed in the whole of India, def col Rasoi comes with the idea of serving gratitude to the public who have not no way to go outside for food, restaurant, and to taste street food. and looking for a taste different from the home.

we know most of us getting bored by tasting similar food and items regularly during the lockdown in our home. but we care for your taste and health

We have planned to serve food online by home delivering to the public who have good taste and are addicted to the street food or who are dependent on the outside services. students who lived outside and got stuck in this pandemic looking for handmade food and that’s why def col Rasoi is here to give the taste which they want in food.

Our online platform Defcol Rasoi gets a lot of attention from the public and we are pleased that we made respect towards the customers with a good taste in our recipes and satisfied the customers meanwhile in the pandemic.

Def-col Rasoi Now?

Yummy butter chicken by Def col Rasoi

Whereas serving the best of our gratitude we also move forward to make this platform an additional highlight for the potential customers and the innovative customers. Now def col Rasoi made its catering services all over India and slowly-slowly def col  Rasoi is emerging towards the online services to serve the best catering services after food home delivery.

Sarson ka saag and makke ki roti by Def col Rasoi

The best way to get a taste of def col Rasoi is from our website. we are here to serve our br=est services in order to catering services and home delivery. def col Rasoi has now been able to take a challenge to give our 100% efforts all over India.

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