Best Home Food in South Delhi

Best home food items in south Delhi

The best way to get your home taste in south Delhi is not difficult if you search def col Rasoi on your search engine. Def col Rasoi not only serves gratitude in its food items but, a home taste in their recipes.

Def col Rasoi is helping their service in this field since the lockdown was imposed in India due to a pandemic. Our main focus is to provide a homemade taste to our customers and the public.

Lemon rice

lemon rice

The most popular Indian recipe is lemon rice with great authentic flavors made with cooked rice, tempering spices, curry leaves, and peanuts from Kannada as well as Telegu.

Palak paneer

palak paneer

The Indian vegetarian recipe palak panner consisting of paneer( a type of cottage cheese) a thick puree of palak made by spinach, called palak in Hindi.

Shakarkandi chaat

Tasty shakarkandi chaat

The roasted sweet potato chaat is super tasty with handmade ingredients renovated by def col rasoi.

Pindi Chana

Punjabi style pindi chana

An Amritsari delight is offered with hot pipping garlic naan.

Rara Chicken with Lachha Parathas

Rara chicken

 This dish is a rich and creamy, and flavorful recipe with a huge amount of def col rasoi ingredients that generate an unbelievable fragrance that can make your mouth water.

Punjabi kadhi pakora

Punjabi style kadhi pakora

A popular north Indian meal with long grain basmati rice serves with karahi known as kadhi pakoras.

Andhra mutton curry

Andhra style mutton curry

Andhra mutton curry prepared from goat meat has different variations across all states.

As we said before we serve our best gratitude and potential to the customers. we made huge respect towards customers by our services, efforts and the the home made taste by def col Rasoi.

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